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Advertising verification
500w+ residential IPs for specific geographic locations to verify the compliance of advertisements and affiliate links
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广告验证 Advertising verification
Performance managers and affiliate marketers know that DSP, SSP, and AD servers are verifying that their inventory and supply have become part of today's advertising industry. From the perspective of verifying affiliate links, verifying the correct location of ads on the publisher’s website, and ensuring that there is no malware, ensuring online advertising campaigns has never been more important. Those who are involved in fraud all know when their partners are visiting their website and give them wrong information accordingly.
广告验证 How to detect fraud and malicious activities?
By imitating the actual users in the city or even the operator and ASN targeted by the campaign, you can ensure the accuracy of the campaign data you want to verify. IPest provides access to real user IP, you will be treated as a customer rather than a partner, and can collect accurate advertising data to truly verify the compliance of advertisements and links.
广告验证 Our IP
IPest provides 30 million high-quality export IPs in 240+ countries around the world, which are safe, stable and highly anonymous. We have adopted different billing methods. By charging according to the used traffic, IP number or concurrent number, all users can use cost-effective IP services, and provide solutions for all your needs.
IPest provides some development tools , For example, through code generation tools, users can directly copy code into the program, saving manpower and material resources and improving efficiency.
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