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API Documents
IPest is a dynamic tunnel proxy based on high-performance hosts. It’s more convenient and easier for users by switching IP on the cloud.
IPest currently offers data plans. Two flexible proxy access methods, username password authentication and IP extraction are provided for users to fit their own needs. IPest tunnel proxy supports both HTTP and Socks , provides a wealth of optional parameters, and can provide strong support for data acquisition.
Novice users can use the tunnel proxy through the following steps:
1、After registering and placing an order successfully, check the order information in member Centre, and obtain the order id and the corresponding order key.
2、Choose a suitable method that suits you (username password authentication or proxy IP extraction) , and you can download the code sample in the corresponding language to access the target website via proxy. For related samples, please visit code samples as below.
Username Password Authentication
Interface descriptions
1. First of all, confirm your order is within the validity in member Centre, and there is remaining traffic on the order.
2. Generate password with tools or through code, rules of password as follows: MD5(orderID=order id&secret=order key&time=timestamp).toLowerCase(). Please note that the timestamp is 10 bits ,and the unit is second. The characters need to be diminished after MD5 of the spliced key. The username of proxy authentication: proxy, and password is a dynamic one generated as above, valid for 1 hour.
3. Command-line test: in the case that your program is running on Linux, usability test is recommended before use, and then you do the business programming.
Test steps are as follows ( suppose your username and password: proxy, password):
HTTP proxy
#add username and password
curl -v "http://pv.sohu.com/cityjson" -x username:password@flow.ipproxy.info:14223
#add Proxy-Authorization directly
curl -v -H "Proxy-Authorization Basic password" "
http://pv.sohu.com/cityjson" -x flow.ipproxy.info:14223
Socks proxy
#add username and password
curl -v "http://pv.sohu.com/cityjson" —socks5 username:password@flow.ipproxy.info:14224
Attachment: in the mode of account password, parameters are optional. Rule: add the parameters into MD5 encrypted string, splicing with &.
1、extract tunnel proxy IP and port:
Interface request-URI: http://api.ipproxy.info:8422/api/getIp
Interface descriptions: the tunnel proxy IP and port can be extracted through the interface, the following points require special attention:
a.Proxy request is verified through whitelist validation in extraction mode. There’s only one way to add whitelist: adding in the corresponding order in member Centre.
b.Please set the singleIp parameter to 1 when an IP exception occurs and needs to automatically switch IP.
Request parameters
response content(only sample json return)
Return description
2、Delete Whitelist
Interface request-URI: http://api.ipporxy.info:8422/api/delWhiteIp
Interface descriptions: the interface is called when the IP whitelist is added automatically.
Request parameters
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